The Amazing Adventures of

B.L. Zebub

"The Amazing Adventures of B.L. Zebub - Abe The Bartender Gets Married" by J.L. Robb is a captivating novel that combines elements of mystery, faith, and the supernatural. The story unfolds with a woman named Deborah, a cosmopolitan individual with jet-black hair and olive skin, who works as a high-end prostitute. Despite her lifestyle, she holds onto her faith and hopes for God's forgiveness.

The narrative takes an intriguing turn when Deborah encounters a mysterious man named B.L. in a café. B.L., a man dressed in black with a peculiar smell of sulfur, engages Deborah in a conversation about faith, sin, and forgiveness. After their encounter, B.L. mysteriously disappears.

The story then shifts to a man named Jonah, who rescues a woman named Deborah Peterson from a car accident in Arizona. However, before he can save her son, she loses consciousness.

As the story progresses, B.L. reappears in a bar in Duluth, interacting with the bartender, Abe, and a young woman named Star. Despite consuming several martinis, B.L. shows no signs of intoxication and reveals that he lives near sulfur mines, explaining his odd smell.

Throughout the novel, B.L. appears in different locations, interacting with various characters in intriguing ways. The narrative explores themes of faith, sin, and redemption, creating a compelling mix of mystery and supernatural elements.

Meet our enigmatic protagonist, B.L. Zebub, a master of disguise and wit, whose name is a clever twist on the infamous Beelzebub - the devil himself. In each book of the series, you'll be presented with a complex and intriguing mystery to unravel, as Abe the bartender tries to discern the true identity of the mysterious dapper man within the script.

a man in a suit and tie with a martini
a man in a suit and tie with a martini
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